Goal Setting: Ideas, Tools, and Strategies

Goal Setting is such an important part of coaching in an educational setting or just in our every lives. Educational and Digital Coaches, Tim Belmont, Brian Sepe, and I moderate a room every week called “Coaches Connect” under our club of the same name in an effort to bring coaches (instructional, digital or life) together and encourage discussion around topics important to our practice. If you’re new to Clubhouse, check out this blog from my friend, Monica Burns.

This is curation of our discussion on March 7, 2021 where we focused on Goal Setting for coaches.

Goal Setting Ideas

Goal Setting is such an important part of the coaches life as well as those they are coaching. Here are a few of the topics that our speakers coach their educators on:

• Pedagogy

• Tech

• Classroom Management

• Mindset

• Presentation Strategies/ Engagement

• Organization 

• Improving Units

Tools to Use

The tools we use help us to be intentional when goal setting for our educators and ourselves. Here are a few tools our speakers shared:

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Flipgrid – reflections, obstacles, building community

Full Focus Planner

High Performance Planner

Jim Knight – new planner coming soon!

Passion Planner


John Maxwell says “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.” {I do recommend this book!} The truth is if we don’t study the art of question asking we will not have a grasp on what our client/educators need and will not be able to guide them to meet and achieve the goals they have set. Here are some questions we ask:

What goals/outcomes do you want to achieve? 

What are some goals/outcomes that you’re striving for? 

• How will you know that it is successful? 

• How will you know you’ve achieved the goal? 

• What evidence will you collect? 

• Ask students for feedback – exit tickets, learning styles, lesson reflections

• EdTech Tips and Strategies: What is the best framework? This week?  This month? This year? 

How can this unit(s) be improved?

• How much does the person your coaching disposition influence the work you do? 

• What’s keeping you up at night? 


• iSMART Goals – Inspiring, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Specific

Impact Cycle – Identify, Learn, Improve

PEERS Goals (Jim Knight)  – Powerful, Easy, Emotionally Compelling, Reachable, Student-Focused

Leadership Competencies: Where am I strong? Opportunities for Improvement? Reflections

• Model, Lead, Teacher-Led with support from coach

• 3 Prong approach: Lesson Design, Classroom Management, Student Engagement

• Content engagement, teacher engagement, peer engagement

• Coach with EMPATHY

• Resistance is a conflict with core Values

• 4 Disciplines of Execution

Are you an instructional, digital or life coach? Are you thinking of transitioning from the classroom to a coaching role and have questions? Have you been coaching and want to share your biggest lessons or takeaways? We would love to have you join us on Clubhouse! Please reach out to use and let us know you’d like to join and we will get you connected with our community!

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